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TEMPORARY additional differential of $6/hr. for all hours worked. 

* Salary can vary depending upon education, experience, or qualifications.

Position Summary and Responsibilities

Position Summary: This position performs duties as assigned by the shift supervisor in all areas of fire prevention, protection, safety and security functions to provide a safe and secure environment for all patients, staff and visitors at the Hospital. This position will frequently rotate assignments/duties working as rover, control center or secure door officer, as scheduled/assigned. Roving campus or program oriented detail duties involve patrolling assigned areas and patient occupied buildings for safety/security purposes; providing immediate response to dangerous or emergency situations relating to patients, staff or visitors; pursuing, searching, apprehending and/or returning walkaways or escapees; controlling and/or containing volatile or riot conditions, as well as providing assistance in caring for dangerous, hostile or combative patients. Control center operations, announcing and addressing emergency situations relating to patients, controlling access to and from secure locations by means of control center operations. Provides enforcement of contraband items being brought into the facility, and by assisting in random checks of items entering the building. Secure door position checking packages and personal property using a tomography/x-ray machine, walk through metal detectors or other equipment as needed to check employees and visitors for prohibited items. There may be times this position will work outside of the normal shift hours and respond to buildings/areas out of the normal routine in cases of fire or other emergencies requiring immediate response, and during emergency callbacks as required.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:  

Fire Protection - Equipment and Training

  • Participates in security, firefighting, and safety training.
  • Attends Hospital in-service sessions as assigned.
  • Assists with yearly mandated fire safety training for all Larned State Hospital employees.
  • Operates, checks all equipment assigned to the fire station, according to the policies and procedures.
  • Responds to all fire alarms or calls on campus, including calls at LCMHF and LJCF.
  • Evacuation and fire drills monthly on one of the three shifts and safety training for Larned State Hospital staff.
  • Inspects firefighting equipment, alarms, extinguishers, standpipes, and hydrants.
  • Attends training on firefighting equipment.

Safety/Security (Campus Rover/Control Center/Secure Door as assigned in all areas)

  • Ensures the safety of patients, staff and visitors.
  • Checks buildings and assigned areas to ensure safety and security providing walkthroughs of patient occupied units.
  • Conducts searches of grounds, buildings, vehicles and assists with unit searches for contraband.
  • Checks perimeter fences, exit doors, fire extinguisher cabinets.
  • Participates in safety/maintenance inspections on the buildings and grounds.  Inspects electronic locks and security equipment.
  • Monitors surrounding area for weather or hazards that could endanger the facility.
  • Responds to all medical emergencies on campus as first responders with medical equipment for the emergency.
  • Exercises delegated statutory powers at the discretion of Superintendent.
  • Responds immediately to dangerous or emergency situations. 
  • Pursues, searches, apprehends and/or returns walkaways and escapees.
  • Enforces State statutes, local laws and Larned State Hospital regulations. 
  • Collects statements, evidence, photos and video for proper documentation for the Special Investigator for possible prosecution.
  • Enforces parking and traffic regulations.
  • Conducts accident investigations.
  • Patrols assigned areas, units, and buildings as assigned.
  • Prepares and submits appropriate reports in a timely manner.
  • Reports and logs all activities in the department logbook and department Plexus log.
  • Present on Triage as needed for new admissions.
  • Checks employees and visitor’s personal property for prohibited items, and prevents them from entering the facility
  • Routinely confer with Shift Leaders for Programmatic reports.
  • Operates all Control Centers.
  • Monitors and controls exterior access to buildings and internal movement of patients in building.
  • Monitors and responds to fire and PPD alarms systems.
  • Monitors video surveillance equipment both inside the buildings and on perimeter.
  • Provides switchboard duties after regular hours, weekends and holidays.
  • Checks out state vehicles as required/requested.
  • Checks out post keys/pharmacy key cards as required.
  • Reports and logs all activities on the department Plexus log.

Outside Agencies

  • Assists as needed according to rules, regulations and department/hospital policies, investigations and arrests.
  • Serving legal papers.
  • Transferring custody.
  • Provides information, evidentiary articles including photographs in the event of an escape.
  • Provides oral and or written reports.


Licensing & Certification:  

  • Valid driver’s license at time of hire and maintained throughout employment.

Minimum Qualifications:  

  • Valid driver’s license at time of hire and maintained throughout employment.
  • High school diploma or equivalent. 
  • Be able to demonstrate SCBA and Bunker Gear proficiency and completed Department of Corrections or KDADS training within the first 6 months of employment.
  • Requires an approved drug test approved by the Kansas Department of Administration unless the incumbent is moving from one safety-sensitive position to another safety-sensitive position within the same agency performing substantially similar duties.
  • Handle With Care Certification within two weeks of employment and maintain certification throughout employment
  • First Aid/CPR/AEC Certification within 60-days of employment and maintain certification throughout employment

Preferred Qualifications:  

  • One year or more experience in the following:  corrections, security, law enforcement and fire protection.

Post-Offer, Pre-employment Requirements:  

  • Ability to pass a KBI background and pre-employment drug test.

Recruiter Contact Information

  • Name: Mitchell Smith
  • Email: mitchell.smith [at]
  • Phone: 620.285.4383
  • Mailing Address: 1301 KS Hwy 264, Larned, KS 67550

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