Safety & Security

The Safety and Security Department is responsible for the safety and security of all patients, residents, staff and the surrounding community.  The department provides assistance to nursing staff in de-escalating verbally and/or physically aggressive patients/residents while maintaining the safety of the other individuals on the units. Safety and Security also carries out tasks such as responding to medical emergencies on answering duress alarm calls for assistance by staff, completing walkthroughs of the campus facilities, and assisting in gathering information pertaining to unlawful incidents.  The department is responsible for limiting contraband coming on premises through access control security check points. The Safety and Security Department oversees and ensures proper safety announcements are made in emergency situations including: medical emergencies, trouble calls, fire, and inclement weather. The department provides fire protection for the hospital and the surrounding sister agencies as requested. Furthermore, the department patrols the campus providing traffic safety and the security of staff and patients moving about the campus area. The Safety and Security Department is led by the Chief of Safety and Security, the Captain of Safety and Security, Lieutenants, and Sergeants.