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* Salary can vary depending upon education, experience, or qualifications.

Position Summary and Responsibilities

Position Summary:  

This physician will be providing psychiatric/medical care for adult female/male populations. The physician must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and possess the ability to assess data reflective of the patient’s status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient’s requirements relative to his/her age-specific needs, and to provide the care needed as described in the Medical Staff Bylaws. The physician will abide by the mission statement of Larned State Hospital, in addition to all applicable State and Federal laws and guidelines. This physician will provide quality patient care and treatment at all times.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:  

Medical and Psychiatric Care

  • Follows the progress of the patient, assessing the psychiatric and medical condition, evaluating the effectiveness of the prescribed regimen, and modifying treatment as indicated
  • Orders laboratory tests and other diagnostic procedures
  • Assesses the need for seclusion and restraint and takes responsibility for justifying such treatment
  • Completes mental status examination as often as necessary.
  • Maintains an assigned clinical caseload.
  • Consults appropriately with supervisor or other LSH personnel who can provide expertise in special treatment problems, as well as making referrals to consultants as deemed appropriate
  • Quality of patient care delivered is reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis by supervisor and subject to peer review process  
  • Participates in consultations with medical/psychiatric consultants, making adequate preparation and/or completing initial screening tests in order to provide adequate date for the consultant, and follows up as appropriate
  • Participates in hospital-wide OD rotation.

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Carries out medical and psychiatric examination for patients at the time of admission; makes a psychiatric assessment and formulates the initial treatment plan along with the unit’s treatment team
  • Prescribes initial treatment and diagnostic procedures
  • Communicates with other involved staff members regarding patient’s needs
  • Explains to the patients all prescriptions and procedures; including benefits and risks
  • Provides Psychiatric Consultations as requested
  • Court testimony
  • Work is reviewed on a regular basis by supervisor and subject to peer review process.
  • Participate in morning meetings and treatment team meetings

Patient Medical Record

  • Documents the patient’s progress, and treatment prescribed in the patient records as required by accrediting agencies and LSH Policy
  • Documents medical and psychiatric changes, noting changes in medication and justification for such
  • Documents assessment of abnormal laboratory reports
  • Documents justification for use of seclusion/restraint
  • Documents condition of patient received from another unit
  • Reviews and rewrites medication and treatment orders monthly, or as needed to meet patient’s needs
  • Completes Discharge Summaries at the time of the patient’s discharge within the time frame
  • Timeliness and adequacy of the documentation is reviewed and evaluated at regular intervals by the supervisor

Meetings/Continuing Education/Training/Activities

  • Attends and participates in treatment planning meetings and/or staffing and court hearings regarding assigned patients, as well as attending and participating in daily staff meetings as scheduled
  • Attends and actively participates in Medical Staff Conferences, Department Meetings, and Quality Improvement Activities, and other committees or ad hoc committees as assigned. 
  • Attends and participates in Medical Staff Conferences and CMEs. 
  • Completes training as required by LSH. 
  • Completes special projects and performs other duties as assigned including but not limited to ensuring the agency is adequately staffed during and immediately following natural and/or manmade disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, and/or acts of terrorism.  Assists other medical staff, as necessary or as assigned.



  • Completed a psychiatric residency from an approved training program.

Licensing & Certification:  

  • Kansas Licensure or Institutional License at time of hire. DEA License

Minimum Qualifications:  

  • Experience in diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric conditions. Ability to work in a professional, courteous manner with other members of the treatment team as well as other physicians.
  • Ability to use the computer to enter findings and medication orders.
  • Requires an approved drug test approved by the Kansas Department of Administration unless the incumbent is moving from one safety-sensitive position to another safety-sensitive position within the same agency performing substantially similar duties.
  • CPI Certification within one month of employment and maintain certification throughout employment
  • CPR/AED Certification within sixty-days of employment and maintain certification throughout employment

Preferred Qualifications:  

Post-Offer, Pre-employment Requirements:  

  • Ability to pass a KBI background and pre-employment drug test.

Recruiter Contact Information

  • Name: Mitchell Smith
  • Email: mitchell.smith [at]
  • Phone: 620.285.4383
  • Mailing Address: 1301 KS Hwy 264, Larned, KS 67550

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