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NEW PAY INCENTIVE! We currently have an additional $8.50/hour pay incentive approved for this position for the remainder of the fiscal year!

* Salary can vary depending upon education, experience, or qualifications.

Position Summary & Responsibilities

Position Summary:  The Registered Nurse Senior must be able to demonstrate the knowledge of skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the patients served.   The individual must demonstrate knowledge of the principals of growth and development and possess the ability to assess and interpret data to identify age specific needs.  Participates in Natural Work Teams and/or Quality Action Teams.  The purpose is to provide specialized professional nursing supervision and coordination of quality patient care by fostering therapeutic relationships, active treatment and supporting the hospital in the pursuit of the LSH Strategic Plan.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:  

Provides/Delegates Patient Care and the Documentation of Behavioral and Physical Changes

  • Performs admission procedures utilizing nursing assessment and process.
  • Provides patient education and completes the discharge process.
  • Receives and provides shift change report.
  • Completes nursing assessment and initiates nursing care on all patients considered high acuity and/or high risk.
  • Notes changes in behavioral and /or physical conditions, and responds and documents appropriately.
    • Report’s findings as indicated to appropriate personnel.
  • Prepares, administers, and documents medication and treatments according to physician orders and established policy and procedure, when required.
    • Utilizes knowledge of medication effects and side effects to assess its effectiveness.
    • Accepts and records verbal orders from Medical Staff per procedure, and approves the administration of PRNs.
    • Assesses and documents patient response to prescribed pain management medication.
  • Sets up appointments, travel and escorts per Medical Staff orders.

Plans Nursing Interventions, and Makes Nursing Care Recommendations Under the Supervision of the Registered Nurse.

  • Assesses, diagnoses, plans, implements & evaluates patient care.
  • Monitors/records vital signs regarding individual’s physical and mental condition, and reports significant findings to medical staff.
  • Observes and assesses patient’s needs and documents pertinent data and reactions to nursing intervention via progress notes and Integrated Progress Notes.
  • Plans patient goals/objectives, documents according to established guidelines and incorporates into the Computerized                   Integrated Treatment Plan.
  • Determines the necessity for and initiates nursing care related to physical and psychiatric needs, which may include the recording of intake & output or special precautions, and providing treatment for minor illnesses and injuries.
  • Interacts with individuals in a therapeutic manner, providing guidance, direction and support for appropriate behavior, activities and life processes.
  • Encourages patients to develop an understanding of their treatment goals and apply identified treatment strategies. 
  • Identifies teaching opportunities, providing timely instruction in conflict resolution, problem solving, stress management, medication awareness and social skills.
  • Provides blood glucose monitoring when required, with the Precision-G machine.
  • Performs other technical nursing skills as required.

Maintains a Safe, Secure and Therapeutic Environment

  • Demonstrates good personal hygiene and follows infection control guidelines, including frequent hand hygiene.
  • Provides for safety and accountability of patients on living units, at meals, in classrooms, at work sites, during activities, and in program and hygiene areas.
  • Ensures periodic checks are provided for patients requiring special precautions per LSH and Nursing policy and procedures.
  • Intervenes to prevent injury to patients or others per de-escalation techniques, using MANDT approved procedures.
  • Coordinates the security of items that pose a safety/security risk, searches for contraband as indicated by LSH and Nursing policy & procedures, and reports/documents any threats of patient safety/security.
  • Responds to crisis situations on unit or other areas as needed.
  • Coordinates sitter nursing services for patients hospitalized in other facilities.
  • Protects confidentiality of PHI by following HIPAA regulations.
  • Monitors emergency equipment per nursing procedure.
  • Assures that staff know assigned patient goals and objectives.
  • Serves as a resource person to nursing staff members, students and other employees
  • Presents self as a professional image/role model to direct care staff and others
  • Must obtain/maintain current cardiopulmonary resuscitation for healthcare providers.

Communication, Team Work, and Process Improvement

  • Communicates appropriate feedback concerning patient care issues to members of treatment team and the on-coming shift.
  • Demonstrates caring and respectful communication to all patients, customers and co-workers.
  • Maintains daily communication via E-mail, with appropriate follow-up.
  • Complies with policies, procedures and nursing standards.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude by working cooperatively in a team process.
  • Demonstrates willingness to learn and encourages initiation of new concepts.
  • Participates in staff development, meets individual learning needs, attends and/or conducts program & unit meetings.
  • Participates and cooperates in Natural Work Teams and/or Quality Action Teams as assigned.
  • Encourages employee involvement and commitment to performance improvement activities.
  • Demonstrates acceptable work habits that include coming to work on time and as scheduled.
  • Adheres to the Behavioral and Ethical Standards of patient care.
  • Performs all other job-related duties willingly as assigned by supervisor to accomplish the Strategic Plan of LSH.



  • Education:  

Licensing and Certification:  

  • At the time of the appointment  the selected employee must possess a Kansas license/temporary permit ,or be given authority  to practice as a Registered Nurse by the Kansas State Board of Nursing.

Minimum Qualifications:  

  • At the time of the appointment  the selected employee must possess a Kansas license/temporary permit ,or be given authority  to practice as a Registered Nurse by the Kansas State Board of Nursing.

  • Requires an approved drug test approved by the Kansas Department of Administration unless the incumbent is moving from one safety-sensitive position to another safety-sensitive position within the same agency performing substantially similar duties.

  • CPI Certification within 60 days of employment and maintain certification throughout employment

  • CPR Certification within one month of employment and maintain certification throughout employment

Preferred Qualifications:  

Post-Offer, Pre-employment Requirements

  • Ability to pass a KBI background and pre-employment drug test.


Recruiter Contact Information
  • Name: Mitchell Smith
  • Email: mitchell.smith [at]
  • Phone: 620.285.4383
  • Mailing Address: 1301 KS Hwy 264, Larned, KS 67550

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