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TEMPORARY additional differential of $4/hr. for all hours worked. 

* Salary can vary depending upon education, experience, or qualifications.

Position Summary and Responsibilities

Position Summary:  

  • Work is performed under the supervision of a Registered Nurse who reviews and assesses work performance for adherence to Hospital/Nursing Service policies and procedures (standard of care) as well as desired outcomes.
  • Work assignments as well as Hospital and Nursing Service policies and procedures provide instructions.  A Registered Nurse (R.N.) is available to provide clarification as needed.
  • Specific verbal and written work assignments are made daily for this position.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:  

Direct Patient Care:

Provides basic care to patients to enable them to meet their needs of daily living (i.e., helps them with personal hygiene, oral hygiene, care of clothing, room care, specials incontinent patients and encourages proper nutrition, and other assistance as needed.) This requires observation, documentation of patient's outcome in the Patient Care System. Notification of any problems or refusal of any of the above to the Registered Nurse.

Performs basic tasks in order to enable assessment of the patient's condition. Uses observational skills per training for any s/sx of medical problems. Will provide interventions according to the training received for the safety of the patients. This requires knowledge of and the ability to recognize the s/sx of medical problems (i.e., stroke, cardiac respiratory, diabetic s/x as hypo/hyperglycemia, poor eating habits, eating disorders, seizure activity, choking orthostatic hypotension, injuries, withdrawals, substance use,) and other problems per training received. Takes vital signs (temperature, pulse respiration and blood pressure) accurately, reports the patient’s condition to the Registered Nurse and completes documentation. 

Participates in patient activities and encourages the patient to actively participate in treatment and ward activities. This is done by the employee directly involving themselves regularly in-patient activities both observing and escorting. It may be necessary to drive or walk patients to their schedules, meals, appointments, etc., both on and off grounds. This also includes taking the patient for laboratory procedures, explaining the procedure, encouraging cooperation and reporting the outcome/refusals to the Registered Nurse at the time. 

Implements the admission process of the newly admitted patient. This is done by beginning to develop trust and rapport, familiarizing the new patient with the ward environment, introducing other staff and patients, explaining the ward/program rules and regulations, assisting with the patient's personal belongings, and completing the personal property inventory. Observes the patients in order to detect and report any unusual or potentially aggressive behavior. This requires knowledge of and ability to recognize characteristics of mentally ill behavior and utilizing good judgment. 

Attempts are made to use the least restrictive interventions; however, if necessary and under the direction of a Registered Nurse, the employee may restrain and/or seclude patients in order to prevent the patient from injuring themselves or others. This requires knowledge of, current certification and adherence to accepted restraining techniques, policies, and procedures; the physical strength to restrain patients; the ability to act quickly, and in a calm and therapeutic manner; and the ability to follow verbal and written instructions. 

Remains flexible to patient needs. Stays focused under pressure of the numerous demands of the unit.


Demonstrates knowledge of handling crisis/emergency situations to ensure patient/staff safety. Demonstration involves initiating and carrying through with basic First Aid and CPR and other emergency preparedness procedures in accordance with skill level.

Makes rounds and conducts special checks on patients to ensure patient safety. This is done through regular observation of patient’s15-minute checks and close observation of all patients' physical and psychological status.

Exhibits good work habits to assure adequate and safe staffing coverage. This is done by being on time, being at work when scheduled and being willing to accept assignments as needed.

Performs environmental cleaning tasks to maintain a clean, safe and comfortable environment by following Agency policies and procedures.

Distributes linens appropriately to maintain a clean, safe and comfortable environment by following Agency policies and procedures.

Promotes infection control standards. Utilizes Standard Precautions to protect self from all body fluid exposure.

Promotes a positive self-image and serves as a role model for patients by being personally neat, clean and well-groomed and adhering to established Hospital/Nursing dress code.

Accomplishes all aspects of assigned duties to ensure quality patient care and safety by completing assigned tasks in a timely, willing and positive manner. Utilizes on-duty time appropriately.

Is dependable and responsible in fulfilling obligations of job duties. Is organized in work habits to maintain environment safety aspects of the unit.


Documents information in the Medical Record (Patient Care System) to meet standards. This is done in order to alert the next shift to patients on precautions; document significant incidents and changes in patient behavior, attitude, appetite, physical problems, etc.: provide input into treatment planning; recognize a patient's progress or regression; and track movement off grounds and in the Hospital.

Documents pertinent information in the Patient Care System, in Progress Notes, etc., to meet standards.

Documentation provides communication with regard to patients' Treatment Plan, progress toward discharge, special checks, behavioral/physical observations, etc.

Provides such documentation/communication accurately and in a timely manner. This requires the ability to write clear, concise, accurate narratives. Must be able to efficiently use computer programs related to patient care.

Completes courtesy charting for other staff members.

Is results-oriented to maintain high quality patient care that is correctly recorded.


Interacts frequently with patients to promote a therapeutic milieu using a non-threatening, helpful and respectful approach. Talks with and listens to patients. Provides an opportunity for patients to ventilate their feelings and thoughts appropriately. Uses reflective listening and other communication techniques. Answers basic questions regarding the patients' own treatment.

Promotes a positive work atmosphere by maintaining harmonious interpersonal relationships with supervisors, co-workers, patients and visitors. Be courteous and respectful to others. Conveys a positive image to both internal and external customers.

Communicates with other staff members so that pertinent information essential to provide quality patient care is shared. Provides input into the patients' treatment plans, treatment team reviews, Program meetings and other patient-related meetings. Assists in accurate, concise shift reports with documentation of patient events and behaviors, providing hand off communication between shift and disciplines after each working shift by providing the oncoming shift with walking verbal report on rounds and a copy of physician/nurse orders due report.

Is optimistic in manner when communicating with patients and co-workers. Is respectful and relates to patients in a professional manner. Stays receptive to patient needs and their safety.

Adheres to the Confidentiality/HIPAA policy.


Is knowledgeable of hospital policies and procedures and assures quality patient care by showing support for and adherence to the established Hospital / Nursing policies and procedures.

Demonstrates continued competence to provide quality patient care through attendance and participation in education/job-related and/or age-specific programs including, but not limited to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.) CPI and knowledgeable of Staff Behavioral Expectations. It is the responsibility of the employee to assist in identifying and securing training to enhance one's competency in performing job tasks and complying with mandatory in-service training. Actively participates in Agency and Program Performance Improvement Indicators/Measurements. Evidence of such education/in-service training will be verified by completing a competency check list, annually.

Performs other related duties in all categories to ensure quality patient care by carrying to completion the tasks assigned by supervisor.

Assignment of nursing staff is based on the need for adequate staff on every unit to provide safe and effective nursing care and treatment for all patients. Staff's basic assignment is to the Hospital and Nursing Services. They may be required to accept assignment on any program, unit or shift on request. They are expected to work on any area and to be responsive to the request for reassignment, if necessary, by their supervisor(s).

*The incumbent of this position has authorized access or the potential of incidental exposure to Protected Health Insurance (PHI) under the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rule. PHI must be treated in accordance with the provisions of the HIPAA Privacy Regulations including requirements for safeguarding, releasing and recording the release of such information. The incumbent has been trained in the provisions of the HIPAA Privacy Regulations as they relate to the duties of this position.


Minimum Qualifications: 

  • CPI Certification within one-month of employment and maintain certification throughout employment
  • CPR Certification within sixty-days of employment and maintain certification throughout employment
  • Completion of an established training program approved by Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services.
  • Employees operating a motor vehicle must possess a valid Driver’s License.
  • High School Diploma or Equivalency Preferred 

Preferred Qualifications: 

Post-Offer, Pre-employment Requirements

  • Ability to pass a KBI background and pre-employment drug test.

Recruiter Contact Information

  • Name: Mitchell Smith
  • Email: mitchell.smith [at]
  • Phone: 620.285.4383
  • Mailing Address: 1301 KS Hwy 264, Larned, KS 67550

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