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TEMPORARY additional pay of $4/hr for each hour worked.

* Salary can vary depending upon education, experience, or qualifications.

Position Summary and Responsibilities

Position Summary: This position is responsible for multiple digital and analog electronic system and devices throughout the Larned State Hospital (LSH) Campus. The Electronics Technician Sr, conducts, maintains, tests and repairs digital and analog electrical/electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems and components. Applies knowledge of digital and analog electrical/electronic and mechanical principles in determining equipment malfunctions and applies skills and training in restoring equipment to operation. In the past this position has only dealt with basic electronic equipment.  Almost all of the equipment at LSH now is digital and analog or is a hybrid of the three. It takes someone who is current on new trainings and uses job skills to maintain this complex equipment. The systems are used campus wide and need ongoing maintenance to ensure the safety of staff and patients.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:  

Troubleshoot and Repair

Calibrate, maintain, and repair digital and analog electronic fixtures and appliances throughout the Larned State Hospital Campus. Run tests or fault diagnostics on equipment to locate and address a problem. Analyze and interpret the test data, order parts as needed, and replace or repair parts. This could include reassembling circuit boards, motor components, or other structures within a system. In some circumstance may operate bench lathes, drills, or other machine tools to fabricate and install parts. Recommends changes in circuitry or installation specifications to simplify assembly and maintenance. Applying principles and theories of electronics, electrical circuitry, engineering mathematics, electronic and electrical testing when troubleshooting.

Install of New Equipment and Components

Install, calibrate and test digital and analog electronic components on new systems or equipment. Check functioning of newly installed equipment to evaluate system performance under actual operating conditions. This includes creating prototypes, identifying and avoiding potential issues, and calibrating equipment as needed. Follow wiring diagrams, drawings, and schematics to ensure that all systems are installed correctly. Applies knowledge of wiring diagrams and schematics, electronics operations, and functions of electronic parts to ensure service and proper installations. Camera systems use IP technology and are used in conjunction with the computer hardware and software.

Incumbent installs and maintains a satellite/analog converter cable system that broadcasts throughout Larned State Hospital (LSH).  All of the television equipment associated with this analog system is maintained by this position.

Update Software and Run Tests

Upgrading software and running software tests on existing electronic systems are important tasks for electronic technicians. This responsibility includes maintaining detailed records of validity tests and upgrades performed.

Perform Preventative Maintenance

Incumbent attends training online or in person to keep up to date on all digital and analog electronic system to ensure systems do not stop functioning. Performs routine preventive maintenance on all electronic equipment to avoid issues and potential down time. Ensure that all guidelines are followed, and that the preventative maintenance log is up to date and reflect when certain preventative tasks should be performed again. Maintains the CATV, nurse call, and public address systems is digital and interfaced with the computer software system.  Responsible for maintaining the cloud storage and the preventive software for the computer maintenance management systems. This position maintains updates for all electronic systems.

Maintain Reports and Manuals

Regularly update manuals for electronic equipment and maintain parts inventory reports. Ensure that all logs and reports kept outline tests ran, parts used, repairs completed, and troubleshooting steps followed.


Licensing & Certification:  

  • Valid driver’s license at time of hire and maintained throughout employment.

Minimum Qualifications:  

  • Valid Driver’s License with no restrictions.
  • Three years of experience in electronic repair. Education may be substituted as determined relevant by the agency.

Preferred Qualifications:  

  • 2 years’ experience at a journeyman level in electronic work.

Post-Offer, Pre-employment Requirements:  

  • Ability to pass a KBI background and pre-employment drug test.

Recruiter Contact Information

  • Name: Mitchell Smith
  • Email: mitchell.smith [at] ks.gov
  • Phone: 620.285.4383
  • Mailing Address: 1301 KS Hwy 264, Larned, KS 67550

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